Is Your Chiropractic Practice at Risk?

As a health care provider, you can no longer rely on staff to safeguard your practice from audits and investigations.

Chiropractic OfficeTake Control
You are a hard working doctor with a lot of responsibility to your patients’ wellbeing, your family’s financial future, staff member payrolls, and to the third parties that provide a significant portion of your practice’s income. What you may not know is that your practice could be at risk without an organized, comprehensive compliance training program. Now is the time to take control and protect your practice.
Develop a Culture of Compliance with an Effective Compliance Program
It’s no secret that Medicare/Medicaid and others are serious about fraud, abuse, and overpayments. Health care providers must immediately take steps to ensure that their practices fully comply with statutory and regulatory requirements of all third-party payor's with an effective office compliance program.
Is Your Compliance Program Working?
If your practice was audited by a third party, do you feel comfortable that you can show documentation that your chiropractic office is in compliance with federal and state health care laws?  Are you sure you’re compliant with the rules and guidelines of the managed care “Provider Contracts” that you have signed?
Personnel Training and Organizational Tools
Now, with the Office Compliance Pro, you have an outstanding set of compliance training and organizational tools at your fingertips to help you create a - truly custom - federal and state compliance program.

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A few of the features include:

Personnel Training and Organizational Tools
Now, with the Office Compliance Pro, you have an outstanding set of office compliance training and organizational tools at your fingertips.  The Office Compliance Pro is specifically designed to help your chiropractic office create and document a state and federal compliance program to safeguard your hard earned practice.

Operating an Effective Compliance Program
The Office of Inspector General recommends that you create a culture of compliance with state and federal health care laws.

What does the OIG suggest?

  • Develop Written Policies & Procedures
  • Designate and Empower an Individual/Team Responsible for Compliance
  • Measure Effectiveness Through Benchmarks and Measurable Goals
  • Provide Personnel with Compliance Training and Education on a Regular Basis
  • Develop Open Lines Of Communication Between the Physician/Board and Employees
  • Preform Internal Auditing & Monitoring to Identify Risk Areas
  • Develop an Enforcement Policy and a Disciplinary Action Policy for Non-Compliance

Each day that passes without an effective compliance plan in place increases the possibility that your current practices may be unknowingly subjecting you and your practice to staggering fines, penalties or even criminal liability.

What Will The Office Compliance Pro Do For Me?

  • The program gives you the tools that you need for your chiropractic practice to become and remain compliant
  • Streamlines the time needed to create key components of your office compliance program
  • Addresses all seven foundational elements as stated by the Office of Inspector General (OIG)
  • Easily customizable to your individual office environment
  • Facilitates training your employees and keeping them up to date with changes in policies and procedures
  • It's more than compliance - "office specific" - operational and personnel policies and procedures included
  • A great tool for staff turnover - get new staff members up and running in no time
  • Provides a records system to document that your compliance program is in fact functional and working

The system is a full suite of tools that include forms and templates with suggested text for standard chiropractic policies, procedures and health record documentation guidance, reference to federal and state laws and other important compliance information (HIPAA included), an electronic "Bulletin Board" for efficient office communications, information on tracking "contract" rules for managed care from common providers, forms for organizing and communicating your action plan, a unique compliance documentation (record keeping) system, and more.

What Is The New Electronic Compliance Records System?
Now you will be able to create, access and store your office compliance policies and procedures electronically. 

Our new "ECR" also enables you to update your policies and procedures quickly "on the fly" to keep your office updated with the very latest, and constantly changing, federal and state compliance regulations.  The system includes a wide variety of forms designed specifically for chiropractors.  By doing a simple “find and replace” within the policy templates, you are able to customize the policies and procedures to your individual office.  You can also easily make your own edits to the forms so you can tailor them to your exact training and personnel needs.

Our new system can make it fun.  
With the all new "Dashboard System" all personnel will have
instant access to your office policies, procedures, and compliance information.  And since it’s all viewable using Internet Explorer on your office computer or tablet pc, you already have everything that you need for quick viewing.

Quickly access your favorite compliance related "internal" and "external" links.  The Dashboard System allows you and your staff to easily access your own custom office policies and procedures manual, internet websites, pdf files, audio/podcasts, PowerPoint presentations, video/webcasts, webinars, and much more.  And you can change it at any time to keep pace with your own needs and personnel.  The Dashboard also has a convenient electronic "Bulletin Board" area where the compliance officer or doctor can post information and alerts to communicate to office personnel.

Personnel Dashboard
Create a completely customizable “Dashboard” for office personnel. The Personnel Dashboard provides instant access to your office compliance related information.

  • Daily Tasks - Internal Office Compliance Alerts
  • Bulletin Board System - Current Compliance Related Postings
  • Communication System - Staff & Management
  • Health Record Documentation Guidance
  • Compliance Resource Links
  • Compliance Resource Documents
  • Quick Access To The Office Policy Manual Chapters
  • Quick Access To Your Office Auditing & Monitoring Policies and Procedures
  • Quick Access To Help Screens For Proper Use Of The Office Policy Manual
  • And More

Administrator Control Panel
The Compliance Officer can customize the Administrator "Control Panel" to provide quick access linkage to federal and state compliance updates and access the internal Compliance Documentation Records System.

  • OIG Compliance Program Guidance
  • Federal Compliance Regulations
  • State Compliance Regulations
  • Managed Care Contract Rules
  • Health Record Documentation Guidance
  • Compliance Resource Links
  • Compliance Resource Documents
  • Quick access To Office Compliance Manual Editing & User Guide
  • Compliance Documentation Records System - Document Your Compliance Program
  • And More

Provider Dashboard
And doctor, we haven't left you out. You will have your own customizable "Provider Dashboard" to help you track compliance information specific to your chiropractic practice.

  • OIG Compliance Program Guidance
  • Quick access to OIG Physician Guidance
  • Fraud & Abuse - Five Important Laws
  • Quick Access to the Federal Exclusions Program - Excluded Individuals List
  • Chiropractic Practice Standards Guidance
  • Federal Compliance Regulations
  • State Compliance Regulations
  • Managed Care Contract Rules
  • Health Record Documentation Guidance
  • Compliance Resource Links
  • Compliance Resource Documents
  • And More

 The Chiropractic Office Policy Manual
Chiropractic Office Policy ManualThe Office Policy Manual is the centerpiece of the all new Office Compliance Pro and provides the vehicle to create, access, and update your office policies and procedures.  By using the electronic portion of the manual you can create and customize your compliance policies and procedures, print staff training manuals, and allow staff to quickly access your office compliance information and resources without looking for their "paper" manual.

The Office Policy Manual is specifically designed to make it as easy as possible for your chiropractic office to create and update a customized policies, procedures, and compliance training manual.

The Office Policy Manual is a wealth of information with hundreds of forms that cover all aspects of your office procedures and policies.  The main sections of the Office Policy Manual are:

1. Compliance Program Policies
2. Operational Policies
3. HIPAA Security & Electronics
4. HIPAA Privacy (HIPAA Policies & Procedures Manual included!)
5. Documentation Standards
6. Coding & Billing Standards
7. Radiology & Ancillary Testing
8. Civil Rights Policies
9. Personnel Policies
10. Job Description
Each section is filled with in-depth, fully developed information and customizable policies and procedures for office personnel training.

Why Do I Need It?
Mandatory Compliance Is Coming
The Office of Inspector General has issued a statement on their website:

With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, physicians who treat Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries will be required to establish a compliance program.

While the timeline for "will be required" has not been clearly established the requirement to establish a compliance program is obviously getting closer.

And in reality, it just makes good business sense to go ahead right now and establish a compliance program for your health care facility.  It will help you get organized and will allow you to re-evaluate your office policies and procedures and your staff training protocol.

The Office Compliance Pro is an invaluable compilation of resources.  The program brings together information and links to many resources necessary for you to keep your practice compliant.

The program has links to various information sources such as federal and state laws and regulations, laws and information from the OIG (such as the OIG Compliance Guide), information about Medicare and Medicaid, and more. Additionally, the Office Compliance Pro provides you with custom linkage to information such as contract rules for managed care providers with whom you may contract, such as Aetna, BlueCross and BlueShield, Humana, United Health Care and others.  Make sure you are following the rules of the contract you signed before the insurance company does a "post payment" audit on your practice.

It’s Time to Get Started!
Regardless of where you are in the process-the initial stages or the final stages of development-the Office Compliance Pro is a great complement to your existing compliance program efforts.  The program’s full set of tools and resources will streamline the time needed for your practice to develop a compliance program, and will help you stay abreast of industry information, laws, rules and regulations so that you can stay compliant.  The Office Compliance Pro is a must for every chiropractic practice.

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You pay just $499.20 after your $124.80 discount off the normal low price of $624.00.  There’s too much at risk not to begin developing a culture of compliance within your health care facility and keep your office protected. Order today.  It may just be the right thing to do for your practice.

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User Guide & Help Section
A complete “User Guide” and "Help" section gives you the information you will need to learn the proper use of the application and how to quickly customize it to meet your individual practice needs.

Requires Microsoft© Word.

Order Today and see how much time and money this application can save your practice. 

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