Chiropractic Narrative Report Writer 



Chiropractic Narrative Report Writer

The Report Manager is a key part of the Doctors Data Source LLC product offering designed to increase your efficiency and the profitability of your practice. The Report Manager allows you to write professional chiropractic narrative reports, and now treatment plans, in a fraction of the usual time. Each form contains all of the sections and basic text that you need for a complete, professional report for attorneys, insurance reporting and the patient's records. The Report Manager is flexible, and may be easily customized to your individual report writing needs.

Part of the reason that this tool is so helpful is that it was designed by chiropractors for chiropractors, so it is already tailored to help optimize your practice.  

A few of the features include:

The Chiropractic Narrative Report Writer comes with three Narrative Reports: an Initial, Interim or Final Narrative Report. Each one comes with multiple pages of text that include main section headings such as Subjective History, Range of Motion Findings, Orthopedic and Neurological Evaluation, Diagnosis, Treatment Rendered, Prognosis, etc.

Click-and-type fields and tables make it easy to enter patient information from the Accident History questionnaire and to complete suggested narrative text.

An intuitive user interface gives you quick access to all of your chiropractic narrative reports.

Tables with standard chiropractic tests, such as Cervical Compression, Shoulder Depression, Soto Hall, Lasegue’s Test, etc. in the Orthopedic and Neurological Evaluation give you the ability to easily document the results of your patient’s examination.

Floating Toolbar

A floating drop-down Narrative Report Writer Toolbar gives you easy access to over 400 selections. Customizable lists of symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, treatment plans, prognosis, comments, etc. can be accessed by selecting an option from the drop-down menu, which simply inserts the text directly into the report. The majority of the toolbar text and phrases can also be quickly inserted into your report by typing an abbreviated code as well.

Customizable Forms Included

Questionnaires, such as Accident History, have a full-range of relevant questions, and convenient checkboxes to allow the patient to quickly describe the accident and report all of the details you need to accurately generate the chiropractic narrative report.

An X-ray Analysis Report Form will assist in giving an accurate impression of the patient's radiologic condition. The form allows you to easily insert relevant information through the toolbar or by simply typing an abbreviated code.

Custom Treatment Plans

New for this year, is our custom treatment plan Quick Fill Form.

By using the Narrative Report Writer Toolbar you can now write quick custom treatment plans by selecting a treatment plan option from the drop-down menu, which simply inserts the text directly into the treatment plan. Then you are prompted by "Click and Type" fields for the specific custom information for your patient.

Select from:

  1. Patient recommended treatment schedule and re-examination
  2. Phase of care the patient is in for this plan
  3. 739.1 "F3" quickly inserts the diagnosis for that code
  4. CMT treatment recommendation and rationale
  5. Modalities treatment recommendation and rationale
  6. Therapeutic procedures treatment recommendation and rationale
  7. Expected clinical response to treatment
  8. Home care / special instructions / referral second opinion
True - Report Customization

One of the major benefits of the Report Writer is the power it gives you to easily customize it to your individual practice needs and adapt it to your specific reporting style and terminology. You may alter the templates in any way desired, including inserting new fields and even creating new narrative report drafts. You may quickly alter the provided text with your own text entries to allow you to effortlessly insert customized phrases and text by using the convenient Narrative Report Writer Toolbar.

Complete instructions are provided to assist you in this process through our integrated User Guide.

Multiple Reports & Forms To Choose From

Standard reports include: Initial, Interim and Final Narrative Reports, Update Report, Supplemental Report and Create a Letter/Report. The Update Report Form can be used as an initial report, interim report, or a final report. It is a check box and fill in the blank form that can be filled out in a matter of minutes. This report will primarily be used by the CA in reporting the patient's status and doctors' treatment plan to attorneys and insurance companies.

Patient Questionnaires include: Accident History, History Update New Condition and History Update Same Condition.

User Guide & Help Section

A complete “User Guide” and "Help" section gives you the information you will need to learn the proper use of the Narrative Report Writer and how to quickly customize it to meet your individual practice needs.

Requires Microsoft© Word.

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